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Allday® Dry Mouth Spray - Mild Mint - Case of 24 Twin Packs

SKU: 726024210 Allday Dry Mouth Spray Mint 2pk 1.5 oz bottle cs 24
1 - 1$276.00
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Give your dry mouth patients maximum xylitol protection all day long.

Allday® Dry Mouth Spray combats dry mouth differently than any other moisturizing mouth product. This patented innovation uses a special mucoadhesive hydrogel and maximum xylitol concentration to relieve dry mouth symptoms and improve the poor oral health that accompanies it.

Non-erosive to Enamel & Dentin
Since dry mouth patients are high-risk, achieving a non-acidic oral environment is crucial for disease prevention. Allday spray is manufactured to a neutral pH of ~7.0, providing continuous buffering and protection with use throughout the day. Unfortunately, some of the most well-known dry mouth products have a pH well below the critical level for erosion and demineralization of dentin, and even enamel.2 Since so many dry mouth patients have exposed root surfaces, a moisturizer with a pH below 6.7 may be harmful to them.3

Starves Bacteria
Allday spray is saturated with 44% xylitol, far more than any other dry mouth relief product. Working in concert with its unique mucoadhesive, Allday spray holds more xylitol in the mouth for a longer period than the leading brand, prolonging the bacteriostatic benefits.

Dry Mouth May Be More Common Than You Realize
More than 25% of your patients likely suffer from dry mouth according to a recently published, extensive review.1 That's more than 400 patients in an average-size practice. These patients want relief from their pain and discomfort, but since their low saliva flow puts them at extremely high risk, they also need extra protection from caries.

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