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Allday® 5000 Dry Mouth Toothpaste - Mild Mint - Case of 24 Twin-Packs

SKU: AllDay 5000 Toothpaste 3.4oz Tw Case 726PS2410
1 - 2$504.00
3 - 5$498.00
6 +$493.20



Maximum Dry Mouth Protection... Around the Clock

Allday® 5000 Dry Mouth toothpaste rounds out a comprehensive treatment plan for your patients.

Designed specifically for dry mouth, Allday 5000 toothpaste:

  • Is formulated with a prescription level 1.1% (5000 ppm) sodium fluoride
  • Contains 44% xylitol, much more than any other prescription or OTC toothpaste
  • Uses a next generation glycolipid surfactant that is milder on mucous membranes than SLS or CAPB
  • Is made to a pH of ~ 7.0
  • Is available in a twin-pack (6-month supply) for continuous therapy between appointments

According to a recently published review, more than 25% of patients likely suffer from dry mouth.1 In an average-sized practice, that's more than 400 patients who are all at high risk for caries.

Used with our patented mouth moisturizing Allday Dry Mouth Spray and Allday Dry Mouth Gel, Allday 5000 prescription toothpaste will keep your patients comfortable and healthy.

Normalized data. Allday 5000 is the numerically best performing dentifrice and was assigned a value of 100. The ratio of Allday 5000 to Prevident 5000 Dry Mouth was calculated. Normalizing eliminates improper ppm F comparisons between specimens and protocols from different studies.

1. How common is Dry Mouth? Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis of Prevalence Estimates, Brazilian Dental Journal (2018) 29(6): 606-618.